Expressing Emotions Through Music

You don’t have to be a musician to express your emotions through music. You could set up your song library to spark whatever emotions you want to uncover. If you are feeling a bit down, you may want to play songs that are upbeat. If you need to relax, try some light classical to get you into that mindset.

Whatever type of mood you are in, music can help to alter or enhance it, depending on what you are trying for. You can use services such as Spotify and specify the genre of music you are looking for. You could also use iTunes to download your favorite music in multiple categories.
Sometimes, you should try to listen to music styles that are outside your comfort zone. If you are not into Country music, try it out. You may be surprised to find songs that give you a whole different feeling than what you are used to. When breaking free of that comfort zone, you may find yourself thinking in ways you never thought about before. If it isn’t working for you, simply go back to what you like.

If you are a musician, you can certainly use music as part of your emotional expression. It is quite easy to share the music you create with others. In fact, Justin Beiber was discovered by Usher from a YouTube video that Beiber published. Anything can happen these days. Even if you get only local downloads, this is still more than you would get had you not published your work.

Playing and publishing songs written by other musicians, i.e., covers, requires some delicate handling. You don’t want to get slapped with a copyright violation. Luckily, sites like YouTube recognize the songs and publish the original artist along with the video. It also includes a link to a place where viewers can purchase the song of the original artist. With this mechanism in place, you won’t have to worry as much about publishing songs written by those other artists. If it is a problem, YouTube will usually ask you to delete the video or will do it on your behalf.

Music can also tap into emotions of the past. Have you ever heard a song on the radio that reminded you of a relative or an old friend? Perhaps you and your grandmother used to listen to songs that she listened to when she was younger. You hear a song on the radio, and it immediately triggers a memory of when you listened to it with her.

Are You a Hot Head?

While it’s important to express emotions, if you
are constantly angry, this can be harmful to your
health. You could be experiencing an abnormal
amount of [popup_product]stress[/popup_product]. It is a well-known fact that
stress can rob people of their abilities to fend
off diseases. If you don’t do anything about the
stress, and by extension, the anger, you could
likely wind up in the hospital or worse, it can
kill you.

Overly angry people are not fun to be around,
either. On the surface, these people may feel they
don’t care if they are liked or not. But, if
fundamentally something is going on that prevents
them from being happy, they will excuse it to
being part of their personality. That’s a shame
because they are missing out on wonderful
experiences and people in their lives.

There’s a reason why anger management seminars and
counseling exists. Because of the health
consequences, these specialists can help people
deal with the issue and try to get back on track
to a happy life. No one who is angry all the time
is happy! If you find yourself constantly being
angry with people, you could be a good candidate
for this type of treatment. Don’t wait because the
longer you let it go, the harder it will be for
the treatment of work. They will have to break
down the barriers to what is making you so angry.

Your family accepts you for who you are. But
imagine if you can shed the angry persona. Think
about how happy you could make your family. The
time you spend with them when you do so is likely
to be higher quality time. That alone is worth
doing something about your [popup_product]anger issues.[/popup_product]

All this is not to say that you don’t have the
right to be angry once in a while. It happens to
everyone, and small amounts are healthy for you.
But, if you are angrier than you are happy, this
is a clear indication that you may need to do
something about it. You probably don’t get much
response from people after being angry for so
long. This may even make you more frustrated and
angry. It becomes a negative feedback loop and the
cycle never breaks.

Only you can decide if your anger is an issue.
Your spouse and your kids may hint at it, and you
may have been told by your job that you need an
[popup_product]attitude adjustment[/popup_product]. However, unless you can
recognize that there is a problem, be prepared to
stay angry longer.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine


You have probably heard the term laughter is the
best medicine. It may even be a bit cliché at this
point. However, it still holds quite true. If you
are feeling down, forcing yourself to smile or
[popup_product]laugh[/popup_product] can turn your mood around.

If you are in need of a pick-me-up, make sure you
hang out with people who are upbeat. If you are
with others who are down as well, it’s going to be
difficult for each of you to get out of your funk.

No one can truly be happy 100% of the time. If you
are unhappy more than you are happy, it could be
time to seek some help. But, part of your therapy
could very well be to use laughter.

There are clinics that promote laughing as part of
the group. It entails gathering in a circle and
forcibly laughing while the group participates.
Depending on who is running the event, each person
may take a turn laughing and then the group joins
after the last person completes the exercise. It
seems strange to[popup_product] outsiders[/popup_product], but participants are
proponents of the methods. They get a good feeling
after the sessions, and many say they make great
friends in the process.

[popup_product]Laughter[/popup_product] can help lower stress as well. It
releases endorphins in your brain which are
responsible for you feeling good. It is even
believed to help in producing antibodies which can
fight disease. This could be how the phrase,
laughter makes the best medicine, came about.

You may feel strange yourself early on when
incorporating laughter into your routine. But,
even if it is forced, as you do more you’ll get
more used to it, and it will stop feeling strange
over time. You will have the tools you need to
change your mood. After a while, you will find
yourself laughing for real rather than forcing it.

It will improve your general outlook on life.
People you associate with will also take notice
and want to hang out with you more. Give it a try
for a consistent period. Notice the [popup_product]changes[/popup_product] that
you experience in your feelings. It is likely you
will never go back to the way it was. While no one
can guarantee using laughter will make you live
longer, it won’t hurt you in any manner. The
question is, why wouldn’t you use it if you’ve got
nothing to lose?


Is Society Over Medicating to Treat Emotions?


When kids are not doing what they should and not
responsive to [popup_product]discipline[/popup_product] actions, they are sent to
the doctor. The doctor analyzes them and puts them
on a regimen of drugs. They suggest keeping these
kids on drugs for a long time. This is a growing
trend. It’s not just kids that are getting
over-[popup_product]medicated[/popup_product]. It seems doctors are too eager to
prescribe medications for any condition for people
of all ages.

One problem is pharmaceutical companies push drugs
and give kickbacks to doctors. So, there is some
conflict of interest there. Questions people
should be asking is will doctors diagnose the
right solution or are they trying to fit drugs
with conditions, even if they are not as close as
they should be?

This is not to say there aren’t real conditions
that require proper drugs. You will find plenty of
testimonials from people where these solutions
have worked for them. It also doesn’t mean we
shouldn’t rely on drugs for some conditions that
we may encounter.

But, should people ask more questions about the
care they are receiving? Many of the drugs have
serious [popup_product]side effects[/popup_product] that need to be considered
before agreeing to use them. Make sure you check
with your doctor about these side effects and what
are the chances of them happening.

If you have a doctor that prescribes medications
rather freely, and you are unclear about the
motives and the effects of these drugs, you have
the right to seek a new doctor. If you decide to
do this, make sure you ask many questions of your
potential doctors. Otherwise, you may find another
pill pusher.

Don’t overlook alternative forms of [popup_product]medicine[/popup_product]. They
are growing in popularity because people are
finding that they are more effective, in many
cases. The mainstream medical industry tries to
downplay these alternative treatments, largely
because it eats into their profits.

Even if you accept treatments for your emotions,
you should find solutions that are temporary and
will end in a short period. The human body is not
really meant to sustain massive amounts of drugs
for long periods of time. You should also seek out
[popup_product]alternative treatments [/popup_product]that do not rely heavily on
drugs. Not everyone believes in these alternative
solutions which mean they will probably accept
long-term medical treatments. However, if you are
willing to try unconventional treatments, you just
may find the solution that requires no drugs
whatsoever and will help you with your condition.


Are Facial Expressions and Body Language Revealing Your True Emotions?


When someone is talking, we observe more than the
words they say. We see their facial expressions
and their [popup_product]body language[/popup_product]. This means that even when
they are saying one thing, their facial
expressions and body language may be saying
something entirely different.

You probably already know when someone has their
arms crossed during a [popup_product]conversation[/popup_product], this means
they are closing themselves out of the
conversation, to some degree. But, is this


Could there be situations where the person is
simply [popup_product]cold[/popup_product] and has folded their arms to keep
themselves warm?


While this is possible,
examining their face will be a further clue. If
they are frowning during the discussion, this is
confirmation that they don’t like what they are
hearing, or, at the very least, are uninterested.

Many people don’t even realize the body language
they convey. This can cause them problems when the
body language is counter to the spoken message.
Perhaps they make a strange face when someone
mentions something unexpected. The speaker reacts
negatively and leaves the person wondering what
they did wrong. These [popup_product]communication[/popup_product] missteps
happen frequently.

It’s amazing that when people play poker, they
seem to be able to completely squelch their facial
expressions and with good reason; they could lose
money if they don’t. Having a “poker face” as they
call it, is an essential strategy during game
play. This does take some practice and people do
on occasion give themselves away during a hand.
But, overall, they can freeze up their faces to
become expressionless.

Why can’t we use that poker face during ordinary
conversations? It seems like it would be in our
best interests so that those expressions don’t
betray us by showing our true intentions. The
trouble is, even if you could bring your poker
face to conversations, you’d still have to contend
with your body language. No one has ever made
mention of a poker body. People are usually seated
when playing poker, so the issue never presents

If this subject hits home for you and you are
experiencing difficulty in communicating with
people, help is available. You’ll find books and
seminars on advanced body language. Like anything,
be careful of the information presented and make
sure you are listening to people who are qualified
on the subject. Otherwise, your communication may
actually be worse if you don’t find the right kind
of training.


Do Men Have Emotions?

Scientists have learned there are differences in
the brains of men and women. They believe men
think differently from women. We don’t know if
this is a case of differences in our genetic
[popup_product]make-up[/popup_product], or a case of years of gender-roles being
forced upon us. Regardless of how it happened, in
a very general sense we do seem to think different.

Many people believe women are the emotional sex.
This is why they are classically the nurturers and
men are classically the hunters. Thankfully these
stereotypes are changing drastically, and the
lines are becomign completely blurred in this day
and age.

Still though, seems like men don’t express their
emotions as easily as [popup_product]women[/popup_product].

Is the lack of emotion in men something that is
taught, or are men born with the inability to feel
emotions? Women will probably state men are born
that way, but most men know they do have emotions.
Men cried when they were boys and were told by
their fathers to stop it. [popup_product]Fathers[/popup_product] told their boys
that men don’t cry. Boys want to be men, so they
listen to their fathers and over time, they stop

Society continues to paint a picture that men
should not show any emotion. You don’t see
baseball players crying when they get hit with the
ball by the pitcher, or football players getting
slammed to the ground. However, who could blame
that gymnast for crying when his leg got snapped
back and broken at the most recent Olympics? And
yet, while he did yell out in pain, there was no
sign that he was actually crying, at least none
that they showed on the news.

If it’s believed that men are not supposed to show
emotion, this leads people to believe they aren’t
capable of it, which is simply not the case. But,
is this even a healthy way to live life? It’s a
[popup_product]conflicting[/popup_product] view because if bottling up your
emotions can lead to stress and disease, why
aren’t we encouraging men to let it all out? Let
them cry if they want to.

A change regarding men and their emotions is
already happening. Future generations of men will
most like find tapping into their emotions
[popup_product]therapeutic[/popup_product]. Society will also eventually lighten
up and not get so bent out of shape when people
see a man cry or show any kind of emotion.


Cursing May Be Good For Your Health

You were told by your parents and your teachers
not to curse. For some of an earlier generation,
you may have even been threatened with having your
mouth washed out with [popup_product]soap[/popup_product]. It was usually an
empty threat, but a few defiant kids probably had
it done. Studies have shown, however, that cursing
may be healthy for you.

Before you whip out your swear dictionary, you
still need to keep up a certain amount of
etiquette. Just because it may be healthy to curse
doesn’t mean you have free reign to do so. You can
choose to do it, but it may not be well received.

Many companies have adopted anti-swear campaigns
that could lead to disciplinary actions if you
violate those initiatives. It will largely depend
on the group of people you work with whether
something is ever done about it. But, if you are
one to use swear words liberally, you increase
your chances of violating the rules.

Let’s face it. When it’s poker night with the
buds, it’s no holds barred on the language. Knock
yourself out. People in these types of social
situations tend to be less sensitive about the
practice anyway. In fact, they would think it
out-of-place if you told them at your poker game
to keep the bad [popup_product]language[/popup_product] to a minimum. They’d
probably have a bunch of choice words waiting for
you if you did.

It’s still a good idea to refrain from using bad
language in front of children. They’ll learn it
fast enough as they grow up. The trouble is they
emulate what their parents do and seem to play up
more on the less-than-savory things that parents
do. Bad language is one of those items.

By the time kids get to be [popup_product]teenagers[/popup_product], they will be
well-versed in the cursing vernacular. Between the
ballpark or the study halls, it’s open season for
the choice language. Adults tend to look down on
kids using that language in public, but it is a
rite of passage. It’s been that way for a long
time and it doesn’t seem like that will change
anytime soon.

Maybe it shouldn’t change. Teenagers need that
discovery, and the release can be a great way to
express their emotions. You likely did it as a
teenager yourself. Your kids are doing it even
though you keep telling them not to. Their kids
will do it too. It’s okay, though. Remember, it’s
supposed to be [popup_product]healthy[/popup_product]!


Be Careful When Expressing Your Feelings at Work

We are emotional beings, and it is healthy for us
to express our emotions. However, there are times
you need to [popup_product]control your emotions.[/popup_product] One place where
this is especially true is at work.

When you are at work, you are going to be dealing
with many different people. Some people you will
like more than others. Some will outright
infuriate you. While it may feel good initially to
unleash on those people, it could come back to
haunt you.

It’s understandable that situations get tense
especially as deadlines approach, etc. But, if you
are the one always to fly off the handle, this
could indicate to your manager that you don’t
handle [popup_product]pressure[/popup_product] very well. And there are certainly
colleagues who deserve the heated exchange. If it
happens infrequently, most will probably let it
pass. But, if you are one who constantly loses it
when the going gets tough, you may be in for some
unpleasant surprises later.

One consequence is you may be passed over for a
promotion. You need to be able to handle tough
situations and if you show your team you can’t, it
will be difficult to justify moving you up. You
may even be ready in every other aspect. It won’t
matter. You may not get the [popup_product]opportunity[/popup_product].

Another consequence is you will be less effective
over time. Your team and your manager will start
ignoring your heated exchanges. This will
frustrate you to the point you may end up leaving
the company. You could even try to transfer to
another department. However, be aware your
reputation for being a hot head will transfer with
you. It’s something that is difficult to [popup_product]shake.[/popup_product]

You should also be aware that you may be getting
upset for no reason. People often react before
they absorb all the facts of a given situation.
Try to take a step back and consider everything
that is being presented. Ask if people took
alternative paths and ask a lot of questions
before reacting. Don’t jump to conclusions without
getting all the details.

If things are truly not going your way, and you
feel like you are at your breaking point, talk to
your [popup_product]manager[/popup_product] privately. He or she may offer
different insights you had not considered. You
could even discover that he or she is feeling the
same way about the situation or group. If nothing
else, simply talking about it can make a huge

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